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Albert Solé

A lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, he obtained degrees in Physics and Philosophy at this university, after which he completed a PhD at the Complutense University of Madrid with a thesis on philosophical interpretations of quantum physics. He says that his dual training has led, first, to his interest in questions that escape the calculations of scientific theories and, second, to his questioning of reality from a philosophical standpoint, without ignoring contributions from the scientific point of view. While researching the connections between physics and metaphysics in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, he also gives talks and courses on oriental cosmovision and especially that of ancient India. He is also a trained yoga teacher.

Update: 9 May 2019


Has participated in

To Be or Not to Be: Dialogues between Science and Philosophy

Dialogue between Antoni Hernández, Albert Solé and Susanna Tesconi, conducted by Marina Garcés