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Adji Titus


Adji Titus is a Paris-based artist born in 2000. After a brief period at EnsAD art school she decided to continue her artistic projects in a different way. She is cofounder of the Thodji collective (Adji Titus and Thomas Jean-Louis). Thodji produced a drawing that was exhibited on a colonne Morris in Paris during the 20th edition of Parcours Saint-Germain x Ecole Kourtrajmé in 2022. She participated in the group show Camouflage. Behind the Abstract Pattern (Art-Nature-War) at FeliXart Museum in Belgium in 2020. She draws in different colours and explores mediums such as screen-printing and etching. She loves humans, discussing, sharing, learning and telling stories, and dreams of hope. Adji would like to draw everywhere and make the sky her limit. 

Update: 31 January 2023