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Xcèntric Cinema. Conversations on the creative process and the filmic vision (CCCB and Terranova, 2018). (II)

Xcèntric Cinema. Conversations on the creative process and the filmic vision, edited by Gonzalo de Lucas, takes us into the workshop of the filmmaker, that personal space in which film creators think about their working methods and aesthetic ideas. A constellation of images, experiences, notes and inspirational ideas from some great filmmakers that serve as a notebook of creative projects and which help to expand our imaginative field. Dialogues about ways of seeing, thinking and discovering the possibilities of the camera, editing, light and colour; possible ways of filming portraits, human figures and landscapes; ways of exploring the links between cinema, poetry and painting; conversations about film stock itself and the conceptual or manual processes that take place before we manage to refine an idea or a form. Each one of the 15 filmmakers in this book — all of whom are considered essential to the history of the programming  of Xcèntric, the cinema of the CCCB, and to artistic and poetic cinema — take as their point of departure a series of images, from the filmmakers’ own works or those of other artists, with the aim of discussing them and sharing the specific ways in which they achieve their filmic vision; or rather, that which you can only see thanks to cinema.

Filmmakers: Peter Kubelka, Jonas Mekas, Michael Snow, Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Carolee Schneemann, Nathaniel Dorsky, Robert Beavers, Gunvor Nelson, Rose Lowder, James Herbert, Peter Tscherkassky, Jan Švankmajer, Laida Lertxundi, Jean-Claude Rousseau, R. Bruce Elder

Interviewers: Albert Alcoz, Francisco Algarín Navarro, Celeste Araújo, Manuel Asín, Pip Chodorov, Esperanza Collado, Alfonso Crespo, Miguel Fernández Labayen, Andrés Hispano, Carolina López, Boris Monneau, Oriol Sánchez, John Sundholm, Helena Vilalta, Gloria Vilches

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23 April 2018