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Rick Prelinger: "Archives become important to the world when they are easily available"

Interview to the founder of the Prelinger Archives

Rick Prelinger is the founder of Prelinger Archives, an audiovisual archive with more than 2,000 public domain films available online to download and use freely. Prelinger highlights the importance of archives being open and accessible online, in order to make them available to as many users as possible. For this it is essential the files be part of the public domain. Regarding the remix, Prelinguer is concerned this cutting-edge practice will become merely another style.

Will we only archive digital content in the future? Is opening up archives a step forward in the democratisation of culture? Rick Prelinger took part in “Lost landscapes and found collections”, a public event that took place at the MACBA on 16 July 2012. 

Participants: Rick Prelinger

20 July 2012