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Lugh O'Neill presents the spatial sound composition «Karst»

‘Karst’ by sound artist Lugh O’Neill has been created during a residency hosted by Sónar and CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) under the umbrella of the S+T+ARTS ‘Repairing the Present’ programme. With “Karst”, composer and spatial sound designer Lugh O’Neill sets out to create a work of art recorded in situ in settings of great cultural and acoustic value. At Sónar+D, Lugh exhibited - as a work in progress - a video and 3-D spatialised sound composition designed to analyse and contextualise a specific environment. This work features Leisha Thomas and vocal performances by Marie Requa Gailey and Dylan Kerr.

Authors: Lugh O’Neill

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6 July 2022