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From Google X to the Algorithm for Happiness

A conversation with Mo Gawdat

Within the context of the Lab Meetings, we invite Mo Gawdat to dialogue with Ramon Sangüesa about the formula for happiness, the contradictions of the major technology companies and about the projects and laboratory work of the search engine that will dominate the world. 

Mo Gawdat has spent a large part of his career at three of the most influential technology companies in the world: IBM, Microsoft and Google. He is the ex-Chief Business Officer of Google [X], one of the world’s cutting-edge labs, which is highly secretive and determining the advances technologies will follow. Following twelve years of research into happiness. Gawdat developed an algorithm to re-establish happiness when an event throws us off course. His algorithm was subjected to the toughest of tests in 2014 with the sudden death of his son Ali. Following this event, he wrote the book Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy (North Star Way, 2017).

Participants: Mo Gawdat, Ramon Sangüesa

15 February 2018