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Data Journalism. Learn to Visualise Twitter and Facebook Data Using Gephi

Workshop with Natalia Mazzote

The Data Journalism work sessions aim to be practical meetings with two objectives: to learn about and delve deeper into working with data through workshops, and to present and showcase local projects.

Gephi is an open-code programme that allows you to visualize and consult graphs. It can be used in sectors as varied as politics, health, social networks, etc. Media such as The New York Times use it to visualise the global connectivity of their contents and Twitter uses it to examine network traffic around determined events. The truth is that Gephi offers the possibility of managing thousands of nodes and of working while carrying out large-scale analysis. This workshop aims to introduce us to Gephi as users, based on data from the two most widely-used social networks: Facebook and Twitter, while explaining basic graph theory concepts such as hubs, nodes and types of networks. To follow the workshop it is necessary to have Gephi installed on your computer. To download it please go to:

Participants: Karma Peiró, Natalia Mazzote

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19 November 2014