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Data Journalism. Errors of Data Journalism. The Colibrí Project

Lecture by Diego Pascual

The Data Journalism work sessions aim to be practical meetings with two objectives: to learn about and delve deeper into working with data through workshops, and to present and showcase local projects.

The Colibri Project is a citizens’ initiative that aims to act as a bridge between the community of programmers and journalists and the website of the Spanish Government in order to facilitate access to the information that can be found on the website in question. Based on the experience of programming the Colibri Project Diego Pasqual will tell us about what has been learned: “a great lesson on how not to do things, from analysis, to the design and implementation of the architecture, and I would like to share with you how not to go about an open data project ".

Participants: Diego Pascual

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20 March 2014