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Carles Porta, Joan M. Oleaque and Ramón Campos

A Chronicle of Two Crimes

The journalist and writer Carles Porta, author of Tor, tretze cases i tres morts (La Campana, 2005)—the now classic Catalan true crime narrative—talks with the journalist Joan M. Oleaque, who covered the Alcàsser crime for El Temps magazine as of 1993 and wrote one of the best works of chronicle and investigation about it to be published in Spain: Des de la tenebra. Un descens al cas Alcàsser (Empúries, 2002). They are joined by TV producer Ramón Campos, creator—with his production company Bambú Producciones—of successful Spanish series like Las chicas del cable (2017) and Velvet (2014-2016),  Fariña (2018) o El Caso Alcàsser.

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11 May 2018