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Audiovisual Report on the Exhibition: Apartheid. The South African mirror

The CCCB presents "Apartheid. The South African Mirror", a conceptual and visual approach to the old and new forms of prejudice and racial discrimination, based on a wide selection of original artworks and documentary material. The narrative thread that runs through this exhibition is one of a return journey: starting with the European origins of modern racism, it follows racism's spread throughout the world during the colonial era, before returning to the wealthiest regions of the world in the post-colonial era.

"Apartheid in South Africa can be seen, not only as an extreme manifestation of old, deeply-rooted Western racism, but also as a dramatic but clear precedent, metaphor and paradigm of some fundamentally inherent aspects of the current world order."
Pep Subirós, curator of the exhibition

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5 September 2007