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William Kentridge

That Which Is Not Drawn

With animation, drawing, cinema, music and theatre, South African artist William Kentridge has built a sprawling work, combining techniques and disciplines. The exhibition is a unique chance to see some of Kentridge’s most iconic works: large-format tapestries, the impressive audiovisual installation More Sweetly Play the Dance and the full series of 11 short animation films, Drawings for Projection. The CCCB is the first place in Europe to premiere Kentridge’s latest film, City Deep.

Conversation with Pankaj Mishra

The World Today. Reflections on the Legacy of Imperialism

The writer and essayist Pankaj Mishra, one of the most thought-provoking observers of the contrasts and contradictions between East and West, speaks about the great global political challenges that mark the present.

Maria Campbell

Writing as a Halfbreed

Maria Campbell, Canada’s great indigenous spokesperson and writer, speaks about the present situation of indigenous American communities on the occasion of the first translation into Catalan (Mestissa, Club Editor) and Spanish (Mestiza, Tránsito) of her book H...

Dadaism in William Kentridge

Déborah Camañes

The absurd, the paradox and humour are some of the links between the work of the South African artist and the Dada movement.

Angela Davis

Against racism: a constant fight

A few days before the US presidential elections, Angela Davis, who is widely recognised as one of the great champions of human rights and a prominent opponent of racial discrimination, speaks with Black and Afro-descendant activists about the situation of antiracist protests in the United States and also about the kinds of exclusion that mark the present.

William Kentridge and Nalini Malani

In Praise of Shadow

Coinciding with the two exhibitions in Barcelona devoted to their careers, the South African artist William Kentridge and the Indian artist Nalini Malani talk about the points where their work coincides.