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We are data

Surveillance, monitoring and privacy

With the coronavirus crisis and possible implementation of measures to track and monitor the population, the debate on the use of personal data and artificial intelligence by governments and big corporations has become key once again. To what extent should safety be an excuse to limit our right to privacy? Now more than ever, citizens have to be aware of what kind of data society we live in and will live in. The CCCB, through exhibitions like “Global Screen” and "Big Bang Data”, as well as a variety of debates, articles and interviews with experts, has looked at the dilemmas and risks of living in a society where mass monitoring of data and surveillance are common practice.

The Weight of the Cloud

José Luis de Vicente

The metaphor of the cloud has operated as an often overly opaque veil that separates us from the physicality of the net. In fact, one of the best-kept secrets of the Internet has been the massive infrastructures required to keep it running smoothly. But in recent years a series of data centres ...

Brian Eno and Evgeny Morozov

A Conversation About Technology and Democracy

In this wide-ranging conversation, Brian Eno and Evgeny Morozov draw on a number of recent high-profile political events to discuss the future of capitalism, democracy, and the role of technology in both. Do we need a new kind of politics to match this challenge, and, if so, what should it ...

We’re worlds, we’re lives, we’re data, we’re votes

Soy Cámara online

A look at the power of the Internet, inspired by the conferences Greert Lovink and Evgeny Morozov gave at the CCCB. Digital networks connect people and protests while also offering up our privacy to governments and companies. The programme features consultant Genís Roca, professor Ismael ...

Mar Cabra: “Data can’t explain the human factor”

Big Bang Data. Interviews with Mar Cabra, David Cabo, Gemma Galdón, Adam Greenfield, Evgeny Morozov, Jaime Serra, Gavin Starks and Anthony Townsend

Can data solve our problems? Give our lives meaning? Tell us who we will fall in love with? And make decisions for us? This is the core of “Data Cannot”, a compilation of opinions from experts on the real ‘human’ value of datification and everything data can’t ...

Marilín Gonzalo

Privacy in a digital setting

We are living in a time of growing, extreme datification, when a digital footprint is inevitable. Based on the genealogy of the concept of privacy, which existed prior to the Internet, we will consider what incidents like Edward Snowden’s leaks show. Do we still have the right to privacy ...

Tips for Teaching Online Privacy

Liliana Arroyo

Accompaniment, using the internet as a family, and dialogue are necessary strategies to teach children how to manage their online identity.

Privacy Dilemmas

Educational Briefcase. Internet Universe #6

This educational unit, “Privacy dilemmas”, takes the form of a board game. Students, in teams, have to answer questions and situations associated with how privacy is managed in the digital world. The goal is to give them tools to become more aware of what goes on with our data and ...

William Binney

The Influencers 2016

Bill Binney explains some of the technology systems the United States government uses to monitor and control the population. After the Snowden case, Binney provided valuable information on governments’ complex mass-surveillance systems and formally called out the illegal and politically ...


Soy cámara online

This episode takes a look at the evolution of privacy in the modern age. Where there used to be a neighbour peering through a peephole, now there is an Internet user who knows every step we take, like an episode of “Black Mirror”. The aim of this analysis is to raise our awareness ...

Global Screen. Surveillance Screen

The surveillance screen is everywhere and has even infiltrated our private lives. We exist, even before being born, on the ultrasound screen. Then, a whole battery of cameras follows us, throughout our daily lives: nothing gets by the surveillance screen. 

Aaron K. Martin, Gus Hosein and Julia López

The State of Surveillance. (Not so) smart cities: technology, security and privacy

The right to privacy has become increasingly relative in the face of a burgeoning security sector on the state level, in cities and on the Internet. In this debate, experts Aaron K. Martin, Gus Hoseini and Julia López speak about surveillance practices and technology, and their impact ...