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War and Authoritarianisms

In addition to being a direct, violent attack on the people, with thousands of civilian casualties, refugees and displaced persons, the war in Ukraine is also a conflict of disinformation and control over the freedom of the press and of expression. To understand the complexities of a war, we need diverse voices outside the official channels, providing context, depth and expertise. We’re bringing back testimonials from researchers, historians, writers, journalists and activists who have shared alternative visions to different conflicts, with particular emphasis on the rise of authoritarianism and loss of freedoms in Putin’s Russia.

Maria Alekhina and Manel Alías

The masked protest

What role does anonymity play in a context of authoritarianism and surveillance? Russian activist Maria Alekhina talk with journalist Manel Alías about the subversive power of the mask and the transformative capacity of art. This conversation took place before the Russian invasion of ...

Under siege

Soy Cámara

A video essay program to reflect on the most contemporary aspects of besieged cities. This "Soy Cámara" features speeches by Tzvetan Todorov, Zygmunt Bauman, Sajia Begham, Chris Woods, Marc Marginedas and Leila Nachawati, among others, and shows archive footage of CCCB activities and ...

Timothy Snyder

A Defence of Freedom: On the Rise of Authoritarianism Today

The rise of the extreme right around the world has made manifest a growing mistrust in democracy as a political system in a shift which involves serious curtailment of freedoms and demonisation of minority groups. Timothy Snyder, one of the leading authorities on the history of Europe, warns ...

Svetlana Alexievich

The Voices of History

We take a closer look at the life and literary career of Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich, winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature, through a dialogue with writer Francesc Serés. 

Voices for Ukraine

Accompanied by the voices of writers, journalists, musicians and poets, in this event we analyze the causes of the conflict and we show our rejection of war. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has once again brought war to the heart of Europe and raises serious questions about the future of democracy ...

Masha Gessen

Imagination and Democracy

In the framework of the Orwell Day, the journalist Masha Gessen defends imagination as a necessary tool for reviving the ideal of democracy and countering the assaults of totalitarianism. 

Marta Peirano and Peter Pomerantsev

Technology, Digital Surveillance, and Disinformation

The journalists Marta Peirano and Peter Pomerantsev, with the researcher Liliana Arroyo as moderator, speak about how the dream of a free and emancipatory Internet has given way to a system of surveillance and manipulation that operates without democratic supervision.

Timothy Garton Ash

Free speech under attack

Timothy Garton Ash, the internationally renowned intellectual and author of the book Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World, speaks about the threats faced by free speech and debates about it, as well as the electoral rise of right-wing populism, laws against hate speech, and the conflicts arising between humour and religion.

Victoria Lomasko and Marta Nin

Other Russias

Victoria Lomasko is a graphic artist who has become internationally recognised in her work of making known the Russia that is most overlooked. In this session, on the occasion of the publication of her book Altres Rússies (Godall Edicions), she talks with her translator, Marta Nin, about ...

Judy Dempsey

Is Russia Europe?

In this lecture, the renown journalist and researcher Judy Dempsey reflects on Russia's role in the European continent and its geopolitical implications.