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Thinking about Evolution Today

In keeping with the commemoration of the publication of On the Origin of Species, in this discussion series we will talk about the legacy of the work of Charles Darwin and the value of his theory as a window through which to read and reflect on the world today.

A morning with Gerard Talavera

Learning from Butterflies

Gerard Talavera tell us about his travels through nature studying butterflies, and he talks about the importance of learning about nature to get a better understanding of the world we live in and to take on global challenges such as the climate crisis.

Drawing stories, explaining evolution

A conversation between illustration and science

Three scientists and three illustrators will discuss three concepts associated with the theory of evolution, in their respective languages.

Leslea Hlusko, Carola Ortiz, and Toni Pou

Sharing notes

What can the study of human evolution tell us about the human condition? Is creativity as important to the scientific paradigm as it is to the arts? The palaeontologist Leslea Hlusko talks with the artist Carola Ortiz and the physicist Toni Pou about creative experiences in science and in the arts, with musical accompaniment by Octavio Salman, Lucía Fumero,  and Olushola.

Elizabeth Hénaff and Núria Conde

The Urban Microbiome

Humans are not just a handful of genes; we are also the result of coexisting with the microorganisms around us. Studying them offers new challenges for scientific research and for how we design and think about cities. The biologists Elizabeth Hénaff and Núria Conde, who are experts ...