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The Planet's Voices

Donna Haraway and Vinciane Despret


Biologist and philosopher Donna Haraway dialogues with the philosopher Vinciane Despret after the performative reading “Phonocene”. This dialogue, according to Haraway, is not about “us”, it’s about the world, about all the non-human voices that we had ceased to ...

Maria Arnal, María Sánchez and Irene Solà

The Voices of the Planet

We might say that understanding the world consists in living immersed in stories. Singer Maria Arnal puts music to the words of the philosopher Donna Haraway, and is joined by the writers María Sánchez and Irene Solà, the three weaving a tale of fish and nature, of drought ...

The Planet's Voices

Swamped in this anthropocentric gaze, we have lost our connections with our surroundings and have forgotten that neither our history nor our future can be written without the other inhabitants of Earth. In this session, the philosopher Vinciane Despret presents her reading-cum-performance ...