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The Brain

Over the years the CCCB has been interested in research on the brain from many perspectives and has organized multiple talks, interviews and articles that are included in this list. You may find topics as diverse as neural diseases, autoimmune diseases of the brain, neuroethics, neurotechnology, empathy, individual autonomy or collective consciousness among others.

Albert Costa: «In bilingual people brain deterioration is slower»

Albert Forns

The third series of ICREA-CCCB debates, «The Brain», continues on Tuesday 18th March with the lecture “The Bilingual Brain” by the ICREA research professor Albert Costa, one of the world’s leading scientists working in neurolinguistics. We have spoken with him ...

Centre Documentació i Debat

Miguel Chillón

Brain ageing and its therapies

Ageing, a complex biological process entailing progressive functional decline of the organism, is particularly important when it affects the brain. At advanced ages some people have memory lapses or suffer from dementia, while others maintain their cognitive capacities. Why? What kinds of interventions ...

Miquel Vila

Pathologies of Ageing: Parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s. There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease as yet but can it be avoided by slowing down ageing? Lecture by Miquel Vila, ICREA research professor at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute ...

Elena Galea

Pathologies of Ageing: Alzheimer's disease

Will science be able to cure Alzheimer’s, the most frequent neurodegenerative disease? In this lecture, Elena Galea, ICREA research professor at the Institut de Neurociències at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (INc), talks about the molecular causes of Alzheimer’s will be discussed, together with the research programmes and clinical trials being carried out on a worldwide scale, with particular attention to work in Barcelona on projects aiming to find a cure for the disease.

Centre Documentació i Debat

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Centre Documentació i Debat

Centre Documentació i Debat

Xavier Bassas Vila

Love, Sex and Brain

Lecture by Catherine Malabou

Lecture of the IV Philosophy conference 'Subversive love'  

You Want It, You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Jose Valenzuela Ruiz

Neuromarketing studies the way the brain works in consumer purchasing decisions, particularly the part of the brain that we cannot express rationally.