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Terrorism and media war

After a terrorist attack, information chaos reigns. In front of barbarism, we seek explanations and quick solutions. We propose you a list of debates, interviews and readings result of activities organized by the CCCB. Contents that may not give us a definitive answer to such a brutal phenomenon as terrorism but they bring light and knowledge to understand and analyze conflicts.

Jon Lee Anderson and Martín Caparrós

Kosmopolis 15. Wars and Hunger J

How do you write about the urgency of a war, the weight of famine, the ins and outs of a dictatorship? How do you make something that is very distant suddenly very close? Sometimes the best journalism happens on the edges; sometimes it is a form of literature. American Jon Lee Anderson and Argentinian Martín Caparrós, two of today’s most clear-sighted chroniclers, discuss a profession that has taken them around the world: its tools, its challenges, its secrets and its limits. ...

Centre Documentació i Debat

Centre Documentació i Debat

Mario Vargas Llosa

Wars at the 21st century

Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature, took part in the literature festival Kosmopolis 2004, where he gave his view of the wars that are laying waste to the 21st century.

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