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Building the American Dream

Who hasn't longed for the American dream? A big house with a garden, a swimming pool and a couple of cars in the garage. A quiet, safe place to live as a family, close to nature in a people-friendly neighbourhood. This exhibition traces the cultural history of a lifestyle ideal that has been endlessly reproduced on television, in advertising and in cinema, and analyses the validity and the most controversial aspects of its urban planning model.

A morning with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Racism, resistance and reparation

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, renowned historian and activist, lecturer in Afro-American Studies at Princeton University, talks about the origins and effects of racial discrimination and the power of anti-racist movements. The session has a pedagogical dossier (in Catalan) to prepare and to ...

Margaret Crawford

Rethinking Suburbia

Margaret Crawford, one of the foremost international specialists on urban planning in the United States, offers keys to understanding the transformations of the American suburbs in recent years and to rethinking some of the stereotypes that have historically defined suburban areas.

Nathalie de Vries and Hans Ibelings

The Public Dimension of Architecture

Nathalie de Vries, architect, urbanist, and co-founder of the architecture and urban planning studio MVRDV speaks with the architecture historian and critic Hans Ibelings. Two leading personalities from the world of architecture will discuss questions about public space and the future in European ...


Francesc Muñoz, Josep Báguena and Judit Carrera

Oriol Nel·lo, Helena Cruz, Jorge Dioni and Antoni Ribas

Suburbian Catalonia

A house with a garden and pool are part of a well consolidated social aspiration in Catalonia. But suburban Catalonia is not any idealised version of the safe, comfortable home but a true reflection of social atomisation in the territory. Speakers in this session will discuss the foundational ...

Serielizados, Robin Green, Ainhoa Marzol, Enric Albero

The American Dream: a Trip accross TV Series

From family sitcoms set in houses on tree-lined streets to high school series and intimate dramas set in domestic spaces, the suburban landscape is one of the most common settings in television. In this round table, we delve into series in search of the stereotypes and images from American ...

The Home of All of US

Juan Insua

We take a look at the different meanings of the word “home” and the considerations they open up about our present and our future.