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Revolution or Resistance?

With this series of lectures, the CCCB encourages reflection on the present-day validity of the concept of revolution. Participants include Arundhati Roy, Angela Davis, David Fernàndez, Xavier Antich and Ivan Krastev.

Angela Davis

Revolution today

Angela Davis is a politician, activist and professor emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz. A member of the Black Panthers and the Communist Party USA in the sixties, Angela Davis is a feminist and revolutionary of reference. Considered one of the great historical fighters for ...

Arundhati Roy

Idea, word and action

Arundhati Roy is a writer and activist, widely recognised both for her fictional works and her writings on politics, the environment and human rights. In this conversation with the journalist Natza Farré, the Indian author talks about her work and the publication of the novel The Ministry of ...