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Primera Persona Indoors

A day of live autobiography

It’s springtime, and very soon we should have been starting to celebrate the ninth outing of the Primera Persona festival. This year, we’ll have to wait to enjoy a new round of life stories at the CCCB. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, we’ve prepared a very special session that we’ll be broadcasting on the internet, a "Primera Persona Indoors" with two outstanding guests: New Yorker journalist Jia Tolentino, in conversation with the journalist Noelia Ramírez about privacy, exposure and internet, and writer and novelist Rachel Cusk, who’ll be talking about marital and sentimental ruins with the journalist Anna Guitart.

Jia Tolentino

Me on the internet

New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino started to talk about her life in a blog when she was little, took part in a reality show as an adolescent, and, just after turning 30, her first book featured on Barack Obama’s list of favourite reads.

Rachel Cusk

Autopsy of a marriage

In 2009, the marriage of writer and novelist Rachel Cusk ended and her world broke apart “like a jigsaw dismantled into a heap of broken-edged pieces”. Cusk, one of the most original and acclaimed voices of present-day literature, wrote about the experience in her memoir Aftermath: ...

The I in the Internet

Jia Tolentino

The writer Jia Tolentino started surfing the Internet with Geocities, forums and GIFs. Years later, the battle between social media networks all vying for our constant attention has completely changed the scenario. In this advance excerpt from Falso espejo. Reflexiones sobre el autoengaño, co...