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Wield the Word

The Barcelona Debate 2015

Interview with Bo Stråth

Wield the Word.The Barcelona Debate 2015

Interview to Bo Stråth, Emeritus Professor of Nordic, European and World History at the University of Helsinki.

Centre Documentació i Debat

Interview with Axel Honneth

Wield the Word. The Barcelona Debate 2015

Interview to Axel Honneth,  philosopher and sociologist, director of the Institut für Sozialforschung  at the University of Frankfurt , and in charge of the opening lecture of the series "Wield the Word" - The 2015 Barcelona Debate

Centre Documentació i Debat

The Barcelona Debate is back

Centre Documentació i Debat

Barcelona Debate the CCCB’s longest-running lecture series is about to begin once more to reflect, as it has done every other year, on some key aspect of contemporary life from a philosophical standpoint. Over the years, hundreds of philosophers, sociologists and writers have visited the CCCB to participate in the Debate, among them Zygmunt Bauman, [...]