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Memefest 2024

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet

It’s time once again for Memefest, the cultural event that takes a light-hearted and cathartic look at humour on social media. 

El cos de la veritat

Mar Vallverdú and Rita Rakosnik

The photos we publish, the references we have and the aesthetic canons imposed on us determine not only the way we project ourselves online, but also our physical presence. Experts in digital culture and trends Mar Vallverdú and Rita Rakosnik talk to us about the impact of living inside, ...

History, Horoscopes and Other Truths

Charcastrology and PutoMikel

What is the truth, and what role does it play in social media today? An open debate between PutoMikel, Doctor of Archaeology and pop populariser who uses memes and humour to explain historical facts, and Charcastrology, an astrologer who defines herself as an internet witch. Between History ...

The End of Internet

Venga Monjas

The palpitating rate of the internet speeds us up and makes us uncomfortable. Not a day goes by that we don’t fantasize about closing all of our social networks and abandoning our digital lives forever. But imagine that the internet were to end: what would you do, and what would you salvage ...

The New Digital Awakening

Judit Martín

The Internet has become a breeding ground for the proliferation of lies that seem to be truths and truths that seem to be lies. Comic actress Judit Martín instruct us in the most inspiring and deluded conspiracy theories circulating in cyberspace, and help us find a convincing explanation ...

Becoming a Web Series

Ofèlia Carbonell

We have gone from showing our offline lives on the Internet, to living in accordance with our online personas.