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Memefest 2023

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet

It’s time once again for Memefest, the cultural event that takes a light-hearted and cathartic look at humour on social media. 

Disconnect to connect

Motivational guidance talk with #Soytuinfluenser

In this collective healing and holistic practice session, #Soytuinfluenser helps us find peace, far from mobile phone notifications. If you’re a bit of an Internet junkie, we recommend that you follow their revolutionary techniques and disconnection advice.

Crash Course in Internet apologies

Ofèlia Carbonell and Pol Andiñach

Screwed up? Your sexist and/or racist and/or classist and/or homophobic joke didn’t get the likes you expected and now you’re afraid you’ll get kicked out of the WhatsApp group, padel group or the podcast project with pals? Fear not. On this course you’ll learn to formulate ...

Exposed: the joys and paradoxes of an extremely online life

Berta Prieto, Luna Ki and Begoña Gómez Urzaiz

Lots of young creators show their professional and personal lives openly, uncomplicatedly and freely on social networks. The limits between real life and fiction blur and can often make the public that follows these life stories uncomfortable. The constant exposure of these creators to the ...

There is love on the Internet, and we love the Internet

Estela Ortiz and Rita Roig

They say that the Internet has drained relationships of love and that it’s a hostile, shallow, dangerous place. Faced with the menaces of ghosting, catfishing and submarining, we prefer to focus on the love that’s going down in the digital world, where it’s possible to create ...