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Kosmopolis 2004

II International Literature Festival

Interview with Gao Xingjian

Kosmopolis 04 - The world of Gao Xingjian

An exclusive interview with Gao Xingjian produced specially for the exhibition "The World of Gao".

Mario Vargas Llosa

Wars at the 21st century

Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature, took part in the literature festival Kosmopolis 2004, where he gave his view of the wars that are laying waste to the 21st century.

Joe Haldeman

War: Past, Present and Future

If the only inevitable tings are "death and taxes", it's as well to ask oneself if the institution that unites them –war– is also inevitable. There are aspects of war which don't seem to have changed much from Troy to the Pentagon, but there are new factors, as encouraging as they ...

Robert Coover

Cave Writing: Cave Writing: New Adventures in Mot-Town


Kosmopolis 06. Saying Isn't Enough

Poetic performance by Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Saying on its own isn’t enough, we have to change what we call ‘I myself’”. Alejandro Jodorowsky appears in one of his most intimate facets, that of a poet and creator of fables and short stories that can immerse us in “the impossible Present”. Using ...

Kosmopolis 04. The Future of Electronic Literature

Lecture by Theodor Holm Nelson

Current electronic documents and the hierarchical structure implicit in them have been restricted by different traditions. For Theodor Holm Nelson, creator of the Xanadu Project, this is a situation that has to be altered. Nelson predicts a future of many alternative documentary structures ...