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Innovation and Privacy in Future Generations

A lecture by Hugh Forrest

Innovation and Privacy in Future Generations

Lecture by Hugh Forrest

The digital community is increasingly more aware regarding questions relating to privacy and the right to be forgotten. In the future, may more privacy mean less innovation? Hugh Forrest, director of the prestigious SXSW-South by Southwest Interactive festival (Austin, Texas, United States), explains why he believes that it is totally possible for innovation and privacy to coexist and how the search by users for greater privacy may also be a stimulus for technological innovation. ...

Privacy and Innovation: an Impossible Equation?

Gemma Galdon

Lately it has become quite common to hear people say that legislation is unable to keep pace with technological innovation, and that it is thus an absurd and unnecessary impediment to innovation. Similarly, there is a widespread idea that the emphasis on data protection and privacy [...]