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Humans are not at the centre of everything

New approaches to the vegetal and animal world

There are many voices in the fields of literature, philosophy, anthropology and science that are tearing down anthropocentric narratives, underscoring the fact that animal and plant life are now more relevant than ever. After the disastrous role that humans have played in managing the planet’s resources, we are in dire need of new approaches to narrate and understand the world around us. Non-human forms of intelligence are here to make us see that we’re not at the centre of everything.

Donna Haraway and Vinciane Despret

Companion Species

Philosophers Donna Haraway and Vinciane Despret will speak about how to construct stories that weave new alliances between humans and the rest of the living species in a planet headed for an uncertain future.


Maria Arnal, María Sánchez, Irene Solà

A story of fish and nature, of drought and reservoirs, of stones and voices, based on the words of Donna Haraway.

Hope Jahren

Be as a Tree Planted by the Waters: The Magic of Roots, Leaves, and Everything in Between

Trees are the oldest, biggest, and most successful creatures in the world. Using energy from the sun, and carbon from the air, they have thrived on land for more than four hundred million years. Hear about the amazing and unique methods that plants around us use to establish, grow, flourish, ...

Rosi Braidotti

Becoming Animals

Although humans are the species which has left the most obvious mark on Earth, Rosi Braidotti describes a not too far distant future in which the human species will cease to be the measure of all things. In this post-human world one of the biggest questions we will have to face will be what ...

Stefano Mancuso

The Roots of the Intelligence of Plants

Plants behave in curiously intelligent ways: they fight against predators, maximise opportunities for food, and have more senses than we can imagine. How should our ideas about the plant world and its function in the fabric of life change? Italian neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso presents some ...

Carl Safina

Can We Know What Animals Think and Feel?

Consciousness, self-awareness, empathy, non-verbal communication, imitation, teaching, grief. Many animals think and feel a lot like people do; after all, people are animals. Carl Safina shows that in some surprising ways non-human minds aren’t really too different from ours. They know ...

Kim Stanley Robinson: «Think of Yourself as a Planet»

Prologue of the exhibition «After the End of the World»

The science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson made the script and put the voice to this audiovisual piece that opened the CCCB exhibition After the end of the world (2017). The video worked as a prologue of the exhibition and raises a reflection on the relationship and responsibility ...

Climate change as a narrative twist

Jorge Carrión

What will the narratives of the Anthropocene be? How will we explain the world since our realisation that we have drastically changed it?

Will Kymlicka

Animal Rights: The End of Human Supremacy

The philosopher Will Kymlicka believes that the change of paradigm that is necessary in our relationship with animals means putting an end to the hierarchy of species and expanding the framework of animal rights. What effects on humans would these changes have? Will Kymlicka, well known for ...

Tim Ingold

An Ecology of Life

Is there truly a difference between nature and culture? What does our relationship with animals reveal about our own humanity? After centuries of perceiving humanity as somehow separate from the world, what would it mean to return to it? For Tim Ingold, anthropology is not about collecting data on human societies and cultures. Rather, it is about engaging in the lives of others to explore the possibilities of life on this world. 

We Are Plague

Soy Cámara online

We live surrounded by plagues and pests - organisms we are unable to control and, for some reason, refuse to die out. ‘Plague’ is a political concept of domination, related to issues of order, belonging and control. Everything which is not subjugated, domesticated or exploited ...