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House, Backyard, Car

On the Sidewalks of Suburbia

A series of debates surrounding the exhibition Suburbia. Building the American Dream offers insight into American culture through literature, urban planning, sociology, and film and television.


Richard Ford

Traces of Happiness

Richard Ford, one of the most acclaimed authors of his generation and a masterful chronicler of American society and morals., talks with Pere Antoni Pons on the occasion of the publication of his latest book, Be Mine (Bloomsbury, 2023).

A.M. Homes

Alienation in America

The author AM Homes, one of the great voices in US fiction, reflects on power, freedom and American identity following the publication of her latest novel, The Unfolding (Viking, 2022).

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Who Has the Right to a House?

A fundamental voice in the struggle for the rights of the Black community, African American sociologist and historian Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor reveals the origins and evolution of urban racial segregation in her country, Looking at the fight for the right to housing as an example of the inequalities in American society.

Margaret Crawford

Rethinking Suburbia

Margaret Crawford, one of the foremost international specialists on urban planning in the United States, offers keys to understanding the transformations of the American suburbs in recent years and to rethinking some of the stereotypes that have historically defined suburban areas.

Serielizados, Robin Green, Ainhoa Marzol, Enric Albero

The American Dream: a Trip accross TV Series

From family sitcoms set in houses on tree-lined streets to high school series and intimate dramas set in domestic spaces, the suburban landscape is one of the most common settings in television. In this round table, we delve into series in search of the stereotypes and images from American ...