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From Disobedience to Solidarity

Confronting Authoritarianisms

In a seminar coorganised by the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs and the CCCB, scholars and activists call for new forms of solidarity and resistance to authoritarianism.

Collective Action, Solidarity, Social Change

Marta Segarra, Verónica Gago, Clara Serra, Eva von Redecker and Lina Meruane

How can we move beyond existing “pseudo-solidarities” (Paul Gilroy) that are imagined to arise effortlessly from supposedly shared identities, cultures or interests? How can movements develop forms of solidarity across struggles that move beyond temporary alliances or coalitions ...

Criminalization of Dissent

Jordi Vaquer, Jean Wyllys, Ayça Çubukçu, Elena Loizidou

The criminalization of dissent is not new. What lessons can today’s resistance learn from past histories of repression and criminalization? How can resistance movements ensure that repression the marginalized, especially women, racialized minorities and LGBTQ people are specifically subjected ...

Non-Violence and Self-Defense. The Legitimacy of Civil Disobedience

Josep Lluís Martí, Elsa Dorlin, Robin Celikates, Fred Bauma and Joan Vergés

What does the commitment to non-violence amount to in a context of normalized state and economic violence and what emancipatory force can it have? As access to the vocabulary of self-defense is radically unequal, what are the possibilities and pitfalls of counter-hegemonic forms of a self-defense ...

The Threat of Authoritarianism. Democracy at Stake

Robin Celikates, Judith Butler, Zeynep Gambetti, Debaditya Bhattacharya, Kateryna Mikhalitsyna

What, if anything, is new about the ‘new authoritarianism’ and how does it relate to, reinvent and augment previous authoritarian moments? If the line between liberal democracies and authoritarianism is not as clear as many imagine it to be, if indeed there is today an authoritarianism ...