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Dia Orwell 2023

In this cycle, we speak of the rise of the far right with the expert on populism, Cas Mudde, of the dangers of an Internet controlled by big corporations with Geert Lovink, director of the Institute of Network Cultures, and of memorialisation of the Spanish Civil War with the historians Aitor Garcia Solé and Queralt Solé Barjau, the researcher Marta Marín-Dòmine, professor Miquel Berga, and the actresses Paula Vicente Mascó and Berta Cascante.

Geert Lovink and Joana Moll

Democratising the Internet

The researcher Geert Lovink analyses with artist Joana Moll the power of seduction of the big digital platforms and suggests ways to escape from this.  What risks does the present digital model entail for the future of democracy? What form will the Internet of the future take?

Memories without a place

Aitor García Solé, Marta Marín-Dòmine and Queralt Solé Barjau

The Civil War and the Franco dictatorship were two of the most important events in contemporary Spanish history. However, there are no large museums that are concerned with explaining them to the new generations, and the history is dispersed and conserved in a range of museum institutions around ...

A morning with Cas Mudde

Battling the extreme right

The dangers of immigration, hate towards feminist movements and gender and sexual diversity, or scepticism towards democracy, are just some of the toxic messages the extrem right propagates. Political scientist Cas Muddle dissects the present-day rise of right-wing extremist movements, offering ...

Cas Mudde

The Far Right Today

Tthe political scientist Cas Mudde presents the main conclusions of his book The Far Right Today (in Catalan, Ultradreta, Saldonar, 2020) and will discuss these issues and recent political events in Spain with the political scientist and expert on nationalism, Umut Özkırımlı.