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Conversation with the artists of "Graphic constellation"

In this double session we bring together the nine artists of the exhibition " Graphic Constellation" to learn first-hand about the cultural and stylistic references that have marked their creative processes.

A generation in dispute

With Barbara Alca, Nadia Hafid, Conxita Herrero, and Roberta Vázquez

We talk with the artists of the exhibition " Graphic Constellation" about how the millennial reality, marked by uncertainty, precariousness and the relationship with technology, is present in the work of many contemporary graphic artists. How has the neoliberal society marked their creative ...

The boundaries of comics

With Ana Galvañ, Marta Cartu, Genie Espinosa, Maria Medem, and Miriampersand

We talk with the artists of the exhibition "Graphic Constellation" about how the alternative scene has transcended the traditional boundaries of the comic. What has been the role of hybridization with other artistic languages? How does comic fit into contemporary art?