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Change the Story

A new sensibility towards nature

A lecture series with writers and philosophers who, in their work, try to situate the human experience in the context of our natural surroundings in order to transform our way of seeing the planet.

Stefano Mancuso

Vegetal Future

On the occasion of the publication in Spanish of his book La nación de las plantas (The Nation of Plants, Galaxia Gutenberg 2020), the writer and researcher Stefano Mancuso, a pioneer in the field of plant neurobiology and one of its most influential popularisers, offers his revolutionary views on the plant world.

Gabi Martínez

A True Change

The writer Gabi Martínez, who is considered to be one of the most outstanding figures of Spanish fiction, speaks about our relationship with nature on the occasion of forthcoming the publication of his latest book Un cambio de verdad (A True Change, Seix Barral 2020).

Nancy Campbell and Alicia Kopf

Thoughts from the Cold

The poet and artist Nancy Campbell speaks with the writer Alicia Kopf about her fascination with the Arctic world and with the landscapes of cold, which are now so threatened by the climate emergency.

Yayo Herrero & Marta Tafalla

The voices of nature

In a conversation moderated by the journalist Pilar Sampietro, the anthropologist Yayo Herrero, a well-known figure in ecofeminism,  speaks with Marta Tafalla, lecturer in Philosophy, about the need to call for an ecologist and animalist aesthetics that will enable us to become reconciled with Earth and the creatures that inhabit it.