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BCNmp7. «It Kills Me but I Love It»: Genealogy of Zeidun

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BCNmp7. «It kills me but I like it»: genealogy of Zeidun

Fifteen years after the formation of Zeidun, the five members of the original punk band —Joan Colomo, Càndid Coll, Dalmau Boada, Albert Trabal and Xavi Garcia— get on the CCCB stage with a show that alternates Zeidun’s songs with the participation of some of the members’ later bands.

Zeidun: 15 years hiding talent

Jordi Garrigos - GentNormal

For years we have accepted it with total normality, as if it were intrinsic to them, but it is not, nor is it habitual, or common, or anything remotely like that. Perhaps because we had never paused to analyse it. It was so evident that we were looking at extremely talented people...