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BCNmp7. 2013

Music in process

BCNmp7. MinimAcció

Debate with Roger Goula and concert with Experimental Funktion

Experimental Funktion performance in Minimacció BCNmp7 session.

BCNmp7. Analog Music

Concert with Zombie Zombie, Akron and Diego Garcia.

This session uses the experience of live music to look at vital styles and genres in the evolution of avant-garde music, such as early electronic music, psychedelic music, Krautrock, noise and cosmic music. It sets out to show that there are artistes who remain faithful to analog means of production, ...

BCNmp7. Influencers

Concert with Dj Andy Votel and Awesome Tapes from Africa Dj set

DJ Andy Votel live in a great session predominated by bhangra and Turkish music, and Awesome Tapes from Africa, debuting in Barcelona with a very curious live set that mixes cassettes of African music.

Diego García

Arnau Sabaté

BCNmp7. Influencers

Debate with Isaac Marcet, Andy Votel and Brian Shimkovitz

Isaac Marcet, Andy Votel and Brian Shimkovitz will be debating the figure of the influencer in the era of the social internet and analysing their importance and real influence with Carles Novellas as moderator.

Arnau Sabaté

Ingrid Guardiola

BCNmp7. The progressive rock of the 70s in the Peninsula

Our history is full of musical phenomena that have not received sufficient coverage. One particular event that represented a huge breach was the emergence of progressive rock in the late 60s and early 70s in Barcelona, setting itself up as the vanguard of a new way of making music based on ...