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Human Animals

In this lecture series, the CCCB opens up a debate on the need to rethink the way we relate with animals. This is a complex bond with a considerable moral and political component, imbued with both love and violence and one which, in the last instance, is a reflection of our own human condition.

Rosi Braidotti

Becoming Animals

Although humans are the species which has left the most obvious mark on Earth, Rosi Braidotti describes a not too far distant future in which the human species will cease to be the measure of all things. In this post-human world one of the biggest questions we will have to face will be what has been, and what will be our link with different forms of old and new, pre-existent and created human otherness.

Corine Pelluchon

The Animal Cause: Ethical Challenges and Political Strategies

Humans frequently reduce animals to being mere objects or products for consumption and pleasure. Corine Pelluchon urges us to put an end to this degrading treatment and to include animals as subjects in our moral community and as part of the framework of a new global zoopolitics.

Will Kymlicka

Animal Rights: The End of Human Supremacy

The philosopher Will Kymlicka believes that the change of paradigm that is necessary in our relationship with animals means putting an end to the hierarchy of species and expanding the framework of animal rights. What effects on humans would these changes have? Will Kymlicka, well known for his work on multiculturalism and animal ethics, challenges assumptions that are deep-rooted in our culture and present in our philosophical discussion of human rights: discontinuity among species and human supremacy over animals.