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World Press Photo 2021

International Photojournalism Exhibition

The Photographic Social Vision Foundation is organising, for the seventeenth time, the best-known photojournalism exhibition worldwide, which brings together all the winners of the World Press Photo photography and digital narrative competitions.

The exhibition presents all the prize-winning photographs and multimedia pieces, the majority of them unpublished in Spain, and chosen for their exceptional visual quality. They offer different perspectives on global current affairs.

This year, four Spanish photographers are among the prize-winners: Luis Tato, Aitor Garmendia, Jaime Culebras and Claudia Reig Valera. Pablo Tosco, an Argentinean author living in Barcelona, has also been awarded.

The Barcelona experience goes beyond the mere observation of the winning works, as they are complemented with a carefully chosen programme of parallel activities open to the public, designed to generate debate and to examine in greater depth the themes of the winning projects. Furthermore, there are also a series of especially highly recommended guided tours, aimed at schools, companies and the general public, which will enrich the understanding of the exhibits and offer enlightenment regarding the values and challenges of photojournalism today.

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