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World Press Photo 15

International professional photojournalism exhibition

Under the heading of “Seeing is Understanding”, World Press Photo 15 presents the winning photographs of this prestigious photojournalism prize. This year’s exhibition brings together 134 images and 7 multimedia projects from the international contest. 

The eleventh international World Press Photo exhibition, organized by the Fundació Photographic Social Vision with the support of Fundació Banc Sabadell, arrives at the CCCB with the 134 winning photographs and the 7 winning multimedia works in this international contest, as well as interviews with prize-winning photographers and members of the jury.

This year’s contest, with its eight categories, received 97,912 images submitted by 5,692 photographers (281 of them Spanish) in 131 countries. World Press Photo 2015 has awarded 45 prizes to 41 artists of 17 nationalities, from Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Denmark, Eritrea, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

The exhibition is completed by a whole range of parallel activities: talks, workshops and guided visits, made all the more interesting by the presence of foremost international experts.

The winning image

World Press Photo 15

This year’s winning image is a photo by Dane Mads Nissen, portraying the homosexual couple Jon and Alex, sharing an intimate moment in their small apartment in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. Life for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) has become difficult in this country, where sexual minorities have to deal with legal and social discrimination, harassment and even violent attacks and hate crimes by some nationalist and religious groups.

The contest is considered worldwide as the most important in the field of photojournalism and stands out for the quality of its photographs, and for the debate and criticism generated by each of the works on show. It is a meeting point with the social, political, cultural and sporting events of the last year, as well as a showcase for the best photojournalists of the moment, offering them the opportunity of worldwide publicity for hitherto unpublished works.

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World Press Photo 15

International professional photojournalism exhibition

Eleventh edition of the World Press Photo, an exhibition where are shown the photos awarded with the prestigious international prize of photojournalism. At CCCB, there are the 134 photos awarded in the 2015 edition. Each one of those is stunning, shocking, alive, real.

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