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More Photojournalism

"Visa pour l'image - Perpignan" in Barcelona 2012

The exhibition More Photojournalism presents four splendid photographic projects that were shown in  the leading international photojournalism festival: "Visa pour l'image- Perpignan". These pictures show some of the most important events occurred in the world in the last years. 170 photografies full of truth.

The CCCB and Photographic Social Vision present a selection of four of the shows that formed part of the latest Visa pour l’image, the leading international photojournalism festival held every year in Perpignan.

Martina Bacigalupo
Je m’appelle Filda Adoch portrays the everyday life of a woman in the Gulu district in the Northern Region of Uganda and shows the suffering of the people who live there. For over 20 years, the area has been ravaged by armed conflict between the Ugandan Army and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which many have called "the world’s worst forgotten humanitarian crisis”. This work tells an inspiring story of silent resistance.

Japan, March 2011. A selection of Days Japan
This selection by Days Japan magazine includes work by over 40 Japanese photographers of the aftermath of the tsunami in the month following the catastrophe.

Yuri Kozyrev
Revolution Roads
When protests in the Arab world started to challenge political regimes, Yuri Kozyrev went to Egypt to document the situation. He then travelled to Bahrain and Libya for two months as a special envoy of Time Magazine. Yuri had previously been in the Yemen in December 2010. The photographs he took then reflect an apparent calm, belied by recent events.

Shaul Schwarz / Reportage by Getty Images
Behind the much quoted statistics of deaths caused by drug traffic hides a much broader social reality of which little is reported, though it affects millions of Mexicans and Latin Americans. For many, drug-trafficking is the only possible model of fame and success. Greed, drugs and violence engender a new culture: narcoculture.

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More photojournalism

"Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan" in Barcelona 2012

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