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Mined lives. 10 years

Exhibition of photographs by Gervasio Sánchez. To mark the 10th anniversary of the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines.

Gervasio Sánchez set out to pick up the stories of the protagonists of the Mined Lives project he began in 1995. His images show the progress of those affected and the problems they have had to overcome in countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia and Angola, and those with the most land mines in the world: Bosnia, Mozambique, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Some of those featured were children when they were first photographed and are now adults. The show will also include portraits of countries such as Colombia, Sudan and Iraq that have been hard-hit by mines in recent years.

Both the exhibition and the planned book will be presented in Madrid in December 2007 (exact date of the 10th anniversary of Ottawa) before touring around the main cities in Spain.

Curators: Gervasio Sánchez

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