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BAC! 09. PANDORAS’B (Women/art/now)

International Festival of Contemporary Art in Barcelona VIII Edition

Avoiding "victimism" as far as possible, the next Bac! Festival will present the work of key artists for a generation of women artists who are somehow involved in fighting for women's role in art, in order to discover new paradigms of creation.  

The tenth Barcelona Contemporary Art Festival, BAC! 09
, will centre entirely on the work produced by women artists around the world, offering a unique, referential opportunity to explore the international women's visual arts scene. Unlike other exhibitions on a similar theme, most of them under the auspices of feminism or social criticism of difference and gender discrimination, BAC! shrugs off stereotypes to present a fresh, dynamic, motivating vision of the links between gender and the world of art, using humour, irony and divergence as its principal instruments.



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