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A group to create and programme a festival of young people’s thinking

A group of 10 young people aged between 18 and 25, with different interests and training, meets weekly at the CCCB to design and materialize a cultural thinking programme that incorporates their ways of doing things, their references and their concerns. The third edition of the Bivac festival will take place at the CCCB on November 2024.

What would a festival of experimentation, thinking and creation, devised, curated and managed by young people be like? To answer this question, the CCCB and La Sullivan are organizing year two of Bivac, an initiative that is at once a laboratory of ideas and a space for discussion and training about contemporary cultural management and creation.

During the months prior to the festival, the group of young people taking part meets at the CCCB to devise the programme of thinking and creation. The meeting is a training workshop in creation and curatorship, with the support of the cultural production company La Sullivan in an open conversation with a group of the city’s creators, programmers and thinkers, such as Marina Garcés, Aimar Pérez Galí and Eudald Espluga. Together, they come up with content and forms that shake, stir and open up the CCCB to new ways of seeing and inhabiting cultural institutions.

This activity is part of Bivac

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