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Live streaming of the concerts on Saturday 10 December


Zeppelin 2011: Sounds under Review: a City Network

Experimental music network

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Zeppelin 2011 brings together in broadband network the sound landscapes of five cities connected by the Anilla Cultural Latinoamérica Europa:Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Cordoba (Argentina), Medellín (Colombia) and Barcelona. Microphones connected to the Internet form the embryo of the Network of Laboratories and Sound Landscape Listening Stations, and provide sound material that the participants in Zeppelin will process in real time in each of the connected cities.

Roberto Paci Dallo, Apeiron Laptop Ensemble, Medin Peiron, Ariadna Alsina, Joan Bages Rubí, Olivier Rappoport, Marc Garcia Vitoria, Lluís Nacenta, Edu Comelles Allué and others make up the range of artists and theorists presented at this year’s Zeppelin by the Orquestra del Caos.

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