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The search for the other



7 August Tuesday

Georges Schwizgebel, Le vol d'Icare / 1974 / 3'
Musical notes and light bulbs, painting and music through cinema.
Jean-Luc Godard, Le mépris (Contempt) / 1963 / 103'
Paul receives a commission to re-write a script on The Odyssey. His wife, Camille, loves him deeply, but an incident transforms love into contempt. Godard explores all the emotional vibrations of cinema: the desire of filming an actress (Brigitte Bardot), the modern world (Rome) and the ancient world (Capri), the sun and the sea, the beauty of languages and music.

8 August Wednesday

Stuart Hilton, 6 Weeks in June
/ 1998 / 6'
Hilton constructs his film with the black and white drawings that he produced during a trip from the United States to Europe.
Jem Cohen, E-bow The Letter (video clip REM) / 1996 / 5'
A self-taught filmmaker, Cohen is a flâneur fascinated by urban spaces.
Sophie Calle and Greg Shephard, No Sex Last Night / Double Blind / 1992 / 76'
Photographer Sophie Calle undertakes a journey with her partner around the United States. Their relationship has deteriorated and she proposes that they make a film: each of them will have their own personal camera and must confide their frustrations to it during the trip.

9 August Thursday

David Cronenberg, Camera
/ 2000 / 6'
A confession before the camera on the fear of the vampirism of cinema.
Werner Herzog, Mein liebster Feind (My Best Fiend) / 1999 / 95'
The stormy relationship between Herzog and Kinski lasted for several years. An exploration in an egocentric and demented mind, with which Herzog produces a self-portrait and a memorable analysis of the creative relationship between a filmmaker and an actor.
With the collaboration of: Goethe-Institut Barcelona

Directors: David Cronenberg, Georges Schwizgebel, Jean-Luc Godard, Jem Cohen, Stuart Hilton

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