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The Posthuman Condition

Lecture by Rosi Braidotti


With the exhibition HUMANS+, we propose a cycle of debates which, based on philosophical reflection, will enable us to have a closer look at our most immediate future as a species.

In this lecture, Rosi Braidotti will speak about what she describes as the emergence of a posthuman turn in contemporary culture and scholarship, based on the convergence of posthumanism with post-anthropocentrism. The former concept critiques the universalist idea of ‘Man’ as the alleged ‘measure of all things’. The latter criticizes species hierarchy and the assumption of human exceptionality. But what are the ethical and political implications of a postumanist and post-anthropocentric universe? What new forms of agency are emerging at the convergence of human with non-human agents? What do posthuman subjects dream of?

Presenters: Judit Carrera

Participants: Rosi Braidotti

This activity is part of HUMAN+, Series Humans+

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