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Xcèntric. 2007-2008

The film in process II

THINKING ART FROM CINEMA: itineraries around the creative processes


On the way filmmakers work together with their actors, the way they explore faces and voices, rhythms and cadenza. If the modern history of cinema is also the transformation of the former relationship, following it, we can reveal others investigations: the new ways of shooting, with others distances and angles, with new conceptions of shooting. Because when they work together with their actors, they look for - and they find - the voices and rhythms of their cinema.


1st part

Essais pour une partie de campagne, Jean Renoir. France, 1936, 9 min, video

Le parti des choses: Bardot/Godard, Jacques Rozier. France, 1963, 8 min, video

Romanfragment ‘Amerika' [Jean-Marie Straub y Danièle Huillet work in a film based on Amerika, by Franz Kafka], Harun Farocki. Federal Republic of Germany, 1963, 26 min, 16 mm.


2nd part

Les annes 80, Chantal Akerman. Belgium-France, 1983, 79 min, video

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