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16th Barcelona International Advanced Music and Multimedia Art Festival

Scene + Music + Festivals

Sónar has created SonarKids, a new festival of music and creative experiences for kids and parents, which will take place on Sunday 21 June at the venues of Daytime Sónar at the CCCB. Taking part in the event will be renowned national and international artists who will adapt their discourses to the younger public, with lots of activities to spark up and encourage creativity.


SonarKids is designed to help kids learn while enjoying music and art in a way they have probably never had the opportunity to.

Sónar has focused on the specific nature of the public in question. It will use a sound system in accordance with children's auditory capacity and offer a range of facilities (play area, picnic spot, bar) to allow parents and children alike to take a break and enjoy the SonarKids experience to the full.

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