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Xcèntric. 2010-2011

Silence Please, Dreaming in Process! Jan Svankmajer


A new film by Svankmajer is an event, particular after speculation that Lunacy (2005) could have been the last. “I always wanted to make a film in which dream was confused with reality and vice versa”, said Svankmajer in the entertaining and honest prologue to his most recent full-length film. The Czech maestro returns to animated collage with this “psychoanalytical comedy, in which there’s not much to laugh about” and tells the story of Eugène and his affair with the woman of his dreams, in psychoanalytical sessions. Jan Svankmajer, filmmaker and artist, is part of the Prague Surrealist group.

Surviving Life, Jan Svankmajer, Czech Republic, 2010, 35 mm, 109 min.

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