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Albert Camus Evenings

Screening of the documentary «The Lives of Albert Camus»


The Lives of Albert Camus by Georges-Marc Benamou offers an intimate, human portrait of Camus, showing all the complexity of his life, from his childhood in the poor neighbourhoods of Algiers through to French intellectual circles, the Nobel Prize for Literature, and his tragic, premature death.

Through his recovery of unpublished archival material and restored amateur films, Georges-Marc Benamou aims, with this documentary (2020), to give a plural account of the life of Albert Camus. As the film shows, what makes Camus so universal and so popular is that, despite his being an illustrious writer, his life was one of struggle and rebellion, though he continued to be a lover of life, of football, and the sea. From Algeria, the land of his birth, navigating two worlds, that of the European colonists and the Muslim population, everything in Camus is inextricably intertwined: joy and tragedy, wretchedness and glory, Mediterranean dandy and tuberculous orphan of Belcourt. The Lives of Albert Camus is not a film about an intellectual, or a hagiography about some man of marble but the story of a just man of the twentieth century, with all his successes and his doubts.

Jointly organised with the Trobades i Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus and the French Institute of Barcelona, this is the second session in the programme of the «Albert Camus Evenings», which aims to commemorate this French writer and draw attention to the relevance of his legacy today.

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