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NOW 2007

Reclaiming the City

Street Art, Graphic Dissidence and Counter Advertising


By Xesco Casacuberta (contributor to the magazine Malababa. Contrapublicidad, resistencias y subculturas and founder of LATEX (Laboratori de Textos Experimentals - the Experimental Text Laboratory), representatives from the Difusor projects (organiser of the 2007 International Stencil Meeting) and EDPAC (Educació per a l'Acció Crítica).


Targeting a young audience, this morning session explores the main actions and players challenging the increasing depoliticization of the public space, to include proposals and demonstrations that combat the permanent commercialisation and privatisation of the urban environment. At the same time, those attending will have the chance to learn about and practice, in an enjoyable way, the main artistic formats as a tool to declare that another public space is possible.

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