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William Kentridge

Presentation of "William Kentridge. That Which is not Drawn"

With Jordi Costa

Friends of the CCCB

Exclusive for Friends of the CCCB

Jordi Costa presents the new exhibition dedicated to the South African artist William Kentridge.

Through animation, drawing, film, music or theater, William Kentridge has built a tentacular work, which mixes techniques and disciplines. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to see some of the artist's most emblematic works: large-format tapestries, the impressive audiovisual installation More Sweetly Play the Dance and the complete series of eleven animated short films Drawings for Projection. The CCCB is the first place in Europe where Kentridge's latest film, City Deep, is premiered. Continue reading.

The presentation on November 4 will be held through the Zoom platform. The visit to the exhibition will be free, by appointment.

Presenters: Jordi Costa

This activity is part of William Kentridge

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