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Port Arthur

A play by Jordi Casanovas

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At the Teatre CCCB, one of the best-known playwrights in Catalan contemporary dramatics, Jordi Casanovas, is presenting Port Arthur, a play for theatre where fiction and reality become confused in a disturbing game.

A man has been arrested. He is accused of being responsible for a terrible crime. He remembers nothing. Two police inspectors ask him questions to jog his memory. Or perhaps their intention is for him to believe everything that they tell him.

Real documents from the case, leaked by WikiLeaks, take on the form of a theatrical production that invites us to think about what goes through the mind of a man who has committed a shocking crime, and why our memory tries to erase traumatic events from our existence. Are we what we remember? Or what others say we have done? This is a new opportunity to confirm how reality makes material for fiction, how it can throw up thousands of questions, and how it can make viewers feel uneasy.

Playwright and director: Jordi Casanovas
Director’s assistant and translator: Sílvia Sanfeliu
Cast: Dafnis Balduz, Manel Sans and Javier Beltrán
Narrative: Joan Salvat
Musical composition and sound design: José Roselló
Costumes: Irantzu Ortiz and Sílvia Iglesias
Lighting design and technical direction: Xavier Xipell and Pati Cortés

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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